Day One:

  • Start your day with a visit to the Konyaaltı Beach, the most popular beach of Antalya
  • Head to the Antalya Aquarium which is a well-designed aquarium of Europe with lots of rare fish species
  • Have lunch at the Migros Shopping Mall, where you can find lots of restaurants and cafes
  • In the afternoon, visit the Antalya Toy Museum which is a unique museum with various collections including dolls and toy cars
  • End your day with a walk at the Konyaaltı Beach Park, which is a beautifully landscaped park along the coast

Day Two:

  • Start your day with an early morning hike at the Saklikent National Park, located about 50 km from Konyaaltı
  • Visit the ancient city of Phaselis, which dates back to around 700 BC and was a major trading hub
  • Have lunch at one of the restaurants in Phaselis, where you can enjoy fresh seafood
  • In the afternoon, visit the Antalya Museum, which is one of the largest museums in Turkey and has a fascinating collection of artifacts from the region’s history
  • End your day with a sunset at the top of the Tunektepe Cable Car, which offers stunning views of Antalya

Day Three:

  • Start your day with a visit to the Hadrian’s Gate, which was built in the 2nd century AD by the Romans
  • Visit the Yivli Minaret Mosque, which dates back to the 13th century and is one of the most iconic landmarks of Antalya
  • Have lunch at the Kaleici Old Town, which is a maze of narrow streets and alleys lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes
  • In the afternoon, visit the Antalya Archeological Museum, which has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts from the region, including the famous Antalya sarcophagus
  • End your day with a Turkish bath (Hamam), where you can relax and rejuvenate after a busy three days

Konyaaltı is a district located in Antalya, Turkey and located on the Mediterranean coast. The history of Konyaaltı dates back to the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, the city was part of the Byzantine Empire and then became a part of the Ottoman Empire. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Konyaaltı became a part of the Republic of Turkey. Today, Konyaaltı is a popular tourist destination due to its rich history, beautiful beaches, and favorable climate.