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Discover the beautiful and enchanting underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea off Antalya on an amazing scuba diving tour! A perfect holiday destination for scuba dive lovers, Antalya promises a great underwater adventure experience. Experience the dazzling display of vibrant corals, varied species of fishes and colourful plant varieties, or get a glimpse of the graceful Caretta turtles. Swimming along this lively environment, take your chance to capture unforgettable moments with you.

Be a part of this incredible experience and sign up for the Antalya Scuba Diving Tour! Start your journey from the hotels or apartments in Antalya with a transfer to a Dive Boat at Kemer Marina. With the dive master on board, learn the necessary diving techniques, boat routine, and safety procedures for your underwater escapades. Enjoy a nutritious meal onboard as you move to the exciting underwater sites, and don’t forget to soak up some sun between your dives. Explore the mesmerizing views beneath the sea with two dives as you uncover the marvels of nature and spot beautiful sea creatures. After the tour, your Dive boat returns to Kemer Harbour where you are dropped off back at your hotel or apartments in Antalya.

So come along and have a unique, amazing underwater adventure experience that you’ll never forget with the Antalya Scuba Diving Tour!

Are you ready to explore the hidden beauties of the underwater marine life of the Mediterranean sea in Antalya? Join us on our Antalya Scuba Diving Tour to experience a great adventure.

Our tour includes pick-up from your hotels or apartments in Antalya and a transfer to a dive boat near Kemer Marina. Before beginning the dive, our instructors will give you a detailed briefing about diving, the boat routine and the safety procedures to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

You’ll have the opportunity to dive in two different dive sites, allowing you to discover the unique and colourful marine life in Antalya’s Mediterranean sea. Expect to see a variety of fishes, and Caretta turtles, as well as a huge variety of plants and other beauties of the underwater world.

You will also get the opportunity to sunbathe and relax in between dives, and can even try snorkelling for an even closer encounter with the sea life. A delicious lunch will be provided on the boat. After the dives, the boat will return to the Kemer harbour, from where you will be dropped off at your hotel or apartment in Antalya.

So join us for the perfect day-long underwater adventure, and see all the wonderful sights the sea has to offer!

Are you ready for the best scuba diving tour experience in Antalya? Our Antalya Diving Tour is a perfect choice for scuba dive lovers to enjoy the colourful underwater marine life of the Mediterranean sea. You’ll find many interesting fishes, Caretta turtles, plant varieties, and many other beauties of nature while swimming.

We pick up all our customers from their hotels or apartments in Antalya. Our first stop is at Kemer Marina, where we have a brief session with our experienced diving instructors. This includes safety and all the necessary protocols while we are in the boat and when we go under. After the briefing, we break into our diving groups and jump in to explore the mesmerizing underwater world of Antalya.

While you enjoy swimming in the sea, the boat remains at a close distance, in case you need any help. Once you are all back, our cook serves a delicious lunch for all the hungry divers. After lunch, you can spend some quality time on the boat, take a nap, do some snorkelling or just sunbathe and enjoy the peaceful nature around you.

We will dive one more time in the afternoon and return back to Kemer harbour at the end of the day. And then, we’ll drop off all our customers at their respective hotels in Antalya.

So, why wait? Embark on the Antalya Diving Tour to have a great underwater adventure experience and marvel at the extraordinary undersea life of the Mediterranean Sea!

Come and explore the fascinating underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea on our Antalya Diving Tour. Be enthralled by the vast variety of interesting fishes, Caretta turtles, and a host of other marine creatures living among the beautiful coral and sea plants of Antalya. Our highly experienced and certified instructors are committed to making sure that you get the best diving experience.

The tour starts off with us picking you up from your hotel and taking you to the Kemer marina. Upon arriving, our certified dive masters will give a brief introduction about the tour, diving procedures, and safety precautions. Once everyone is familiar with the diving techniques, the adventure begins!

Dive into the underwater world of Antalya and explore its captivating marine life. Look in awe at the colourful array of fish and vibrant coral and be in complete harmony with nature as you glide through the peaceful ocean depths.

Take a break for lunch on board the boat and unwind with a spot of snorkelling. After you have regained your energy, it’s time for a second dive and even more of the amazing marine life that this area has to offer.

At the end of your adventure, our instructors will help you get back onto the boat, where you will then be transported back to your hotel.

Make this Antalya Diving Tour the highlight of your trip. You are guaranteed to come away with an unforgettable experience and memories that will last you a lifetime. So, if you’re a scuba dive lover, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now and get ready for a great underwater adventure!

Do you love the mysterious creatures of the sea and the wonders that lie beneath the surface? Have you ever wondered what’s it like to explore and observe the beautiful array of the colourful underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea?

Experience the best Antalya Diving Tour for all scuba dive lovers and make unforgettable memories. Embark on an extraordinary journey with our professional dive guides to explore the best and unknown underwater creatures, amazing rocks, Interesting fishes, Caretta turtles, plant variety, and many other beauties that can be seen.

Your exciting Antalya scuba diving adventure starts with a hotel pick-up from Antalya, and a transfer to a Dive boat near Kemer marina. Once at the marina, you will receive a briefing from experienced dive instructors about the dive site, safety instructions, and boat routine. After the briefing, the dive master will form groups and start the first dive of your amazing adventure. The diving spots that you’ll explore have clear and warm waters which will let you enjoy the view of fascinating plants, fishes, rocks and more.

The itinerary also includes a delicious lunch on board followed by some relaxation, sunbathing, and snorkelling. Your dive guide will take you on the second dive as you go further and observe some interesting species of marine life. After the journey ends, the boat will return to the Kemer harbour and then you will be dropped off at your hotels and apartments in Antalya.

Are you ready to enjoy a memorable great underwater adventure experience in Antalya? Join us for the best scuba diving tour and make amazing memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

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  • Take a swimsuit, towel and suncream
  • Non-swimmers can also join the diving tour and dive with an instructor

  • Transfer from Hotels
  • Guide & professional diving instructors
  • Two times dives
  • Insurance
  • All diving equipment
  • Personal Expenses

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