Kepez is a district in the city of Antalya, Turkey. Its history dates back to the Roman era, and later, it was ruled by the Byzantines and the Seljuks. Today, it is a vibrant district with a mix of historical and modern attractions.

Day 1: Start your tour at the Kepez Belediyesi Square, which is the heart of the district. From there, visit the Antalya City Museum, which showcases the history of the region. Next, head to the Duden Waterfalls, which is a famous natural attraction. In the evening, visit the Antalya Kaleici Marina and enjoy a relaxing dinner by the sea.

Day 2: Start your day at the Aksu Dolphinarium, which is a must-see attraction for families. Next, head to the Kepez Arena, which is a modern sports complex featuring a football stadium, basketball court, and a swimming pool. In the evening, visit the Aktur Park amusement park, which has rides and games for people of all ages.

Day 3: Start your day at the Kepez Rustem Pasha Mosque, which was built in the 16th century and is a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture. Next, head to the Kepez Cultural Center, which hosts events and exhibitions related to art and culture. In the evening, visit the Antalya Zoo and have an up-close encounter with exotic animals.

In summary, Kepez is a district with a rich history and a range of attractions to suit all tastes. From historical landmarks to modern sports complex and amusement parks, Kepez has something for everyone to enjoy.